Shelby Home and Public Health was incorporated on the 21st of May 1919. Said Corporation was formed for the purpose of caring for the sick, looking after emergency cases, establishing, maintaining and conducting a hospital for medical-surgical treatment of persons, employing and discharging nurses; receiving funds by donation, bequest, or otherwise holding and investing and disbursing the same, charging and receiving compensation for treatment, services and accommodations, all for the purpose of maintaining said agency not for profit. Later it was decided to separate functions of the agency's visiting nurse from that of the hospital and a Hospital Association was formed to take over the responsibility of seeing the hospital project of completion. A new hospital was opened April 20, 1921.

The agency was now free to concentrate on its original field of service, providing visiting care to those confined to their homes by sickness or injury. The agency became a participant in providing care under the Medicare program in 1966.

Our Mission

Shelby Home and Public Health is a private, non-profit, voluntary, Medicare certified (home health) agency.

The Mission of Shelby Home and Public Health, Inc. is dedication to the highest quality of health care and services delivered to our patients with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride and agency spirit.

Every citizen regardless of race, creed, color, religion, or financial status will be given care, although, in an attempt to foster self-esteem it is encouraged that individuals contribute a portion of the cost for care given.

Agency Objectives

1. To provide curative and restorative care by skilled nursing personnel and support staff - e.g. home health aides, physical therapist, occupational therapists, speech therapists. and companion caregivers.

2. To provide our clients services which will prevent illness and restore them to their optimal level of wellness.

3. Provide support to families in caring for the patient at home.

4. To provide support for those who are terminally ill and their family.

5. To make the citizens aware that we can provide an alternative to institutional care, thus allowing them to keep their loved ones at home.

6. To improve communication between the medical profession, hospital, skilled nursing facilities, and other community agencies throughout the area.

7. To see that records, reports, and personal information regarding patients are kept confidential.

8. To see that this agency initiate, utilizes, and participates in community activities and educational programs that relate to patient care and service.

Our staff is composed of a Medical Director, an Executive Director, a Nurse Manager, Home Health nurses, PRN Nurses, Home Heath Aides, companion caregivers and a Secretary.

Shelby Home and Public Health is governed by a 8 member Board of Directors. Our Board meets on the third Monday of each month at 3:30 p.m. Current members include:

  • Steve Curry - President
  • Lou Huff - Vice President
  • Stephanie Morris - Secretary
  • Linda Whited - Treasurer
  • Chet Green
  • Carolyn Kaple
  • Phil Pearson
  • Brenda Stock

Shelby Home and Public Health also receives guidance and support from our Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee meets quarterly on a designated Tuesday at 12:00 noon. Current members include:

  • Adam Bihl - Medical Director, M.D.
  • Steve Curry
  • Sheryl Cramer
  • Connie Strine - Secretary
  • Bill Roush
  • Denny Curry
  • David Harshbarger
  • Janis Payne

Shelby Home and Public Health receives funds by donation, bequests, or otherwise; holding, investing, and disbursing the same; charging and receiving compensation for treatment services and intermittent care.

Memorials received in 2016 are as follows:

Annabelle Pugh - Art & Myrna Seaman

Miscellaneous gifts and donations:

Elinore Hart, Alice King, Barkdull Funeral Home, Eric and Dianne Vail and Anonymous